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Globe Business to Offer Trustwave Managed Security Services in the Philippines
Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:49:02 AM


New cybersecurity services now available through Globe and Trustwave

MANILA, PHILIPPINES and CHICAGO - March 17, 2017 - Trustwave announced that Globe Telecom, through its enterprise information and communications arm Globe Business, will offer Trustwave Managed Security Services to help businesses in the Philippines fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce security risk.

Trustwave Chief Executive Officer and President Robert J. McCullen said, "Our relationship with Globe leverages Globe's intimate understanding of the local landscape and Trustwave's experience delivering enterprise-grade managed security services. Together, we will help Philippine companies protect their assets and customers in order to safeguard their reputation against cybercrime. Working with Globe is a major milestone in our strategy to expand Trustwave Managed Security Services internationally and in the Asia Pacific region."

Globe Managed Security Services, powered by Trustwave, help businesses address advanced information security threats while alleviating the pressures created by resource constraints, skills shortages, compliance requirements and the rapid adoption of new technologies. The services provide the security businesses need without requiring them to install and manage technologies themselves, to retain and train staff to run and configure those systems, or to worry about aging levels of protection. By relying on Globe as their trusted security partner, businesses can focus more on their priorities and core competencies.

Bill Chang, Chief Executive Officer, Group Enterprise at Singtel and Chairman of Trustwave said, "As the leading cyber security services provider in the region, our deep global capabilities allow Trustwave Managed Security Services to monitor, assess and defend our customers' operations round-the-clock against cyber attacks. The launch of Trustwave Managed Security Services is timely as it complements the Philippine government's National Cybersecurity Plan 2022."

In December 2016, the Philippines government launched the National Cybersecurity Plan 2022 to safeguard the country's critical information structures, government networks, small and medium enterprises, large businesses, corporations and their supply chains, and every citizen using the internet.

Globe Telecom Chief Executive Officer Ernest Cu said, "When privacy is breached, it doesn't only compromise information but it also puts businesses and individuals at risk in so many ways. So we knew that there was clearly a need to build a dedicated facility to help solve this as cyber security is becoming a primary concern of the public and private sectors, as well as consumers as a whole."

Managed security services in the Philippines are delivered through the new Advanced Security Operations Center located in Manila. Co-located and integrated with the Globe network, the ASOC combines local threat awareness from Globe with global threat visibility from the worldwide Trustwave ASOC network supported by a team of more than 1,600 security-minded professionals worldwide. The ASOC is staffed, run and powered by Trustwave, the fastest-growing, global managed security services provider according to industry analysts. ASOCs are "mission control" for delivering managed security services to the private and public sector. They are secure facilities that house the infrastructure and teams delivering customer service, platform management, threat detection, threat hunting and incident response to clients.

The Manila ASOC is part of the industry's first global network of federated Advanced Security Operations Centers designed to power a new generation of managed security services. Unlike traditional security operations centers, federated ASOCs are united worldwide and usher in a new level of local threat awareness combined with global threat visibility and intelligence - delivering protection on a truly global scale.

Trustwave operates nine ASOCs worldwide strategically located across the globe to provide a footprint that best services global customers -- in the Philippines, Australia, Canada, Japan, Poland, Singapore and the United States.

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