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Protecting the Hybrid Cloud: What to Expect and What to do About It
Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 04:19:31 PM

On the surface, organizations that opt for a hybrid cloud approach look to tap into the benefits of both public and private cloud environments. While it sounds like a win all around, there are some major considerations they need to take into account from an information security standpoint.

Rather than taking a focused approach to protecting one ecosystem, a second environment needs to be managed, which introduces new challenges surrounding visibility, governance, and overall protection of the data housed in that ecosystem. If that other environment is entirely cloud-based, security professionals won’t have the same access as with physical on-premise equipment and data centers they have immediate access to. The way that security technology is applied across these two different environments is vastly different, says Chris Schueler, senior vice president of Managed Security Services at Trustwave.

“Even though hybrid sounds very tempting, it actually introduces a lot of significant complexities because you’re working in two completely different environments,” Schueler says.

In the full discussion featuring Schueler, he breaks down the dichotomy of taking a hybrid cloud approach, discusses why the human error factor is multiplied in this case and provides the most important steps security leaders should be taking when protecting hybrid cloud environments.

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