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Trustwave Vulnerability Management
Trustwave's elite security team, SpiderLabs, understands how attackers think and operate.

With vast insight into the latest vulnerabilities, attack vectors, exploits, malware and security breaches gathered from our security research, penetration testing and incident response engagements - Trustwave's elite security team, SpiderLabs, understands how attackers think and operate. We apply our deep, specialized knowledge to every customer engagement and implant that intelligence in every one of our security products and services.


Keeping up with and addressing the latest threats present a challenge to even the most mature and security-savvy organizations. No matter your size, Trustwave penetration testing, incident response, computer forensic investigation and threat intelligence services help you make smart, cost-effective security decisions.

Do you need to know how an attacker could access your systems and data?

Then you're a little ahead of the game in terms of security proficiency, but maybe you don't have the resources to build an internal security testing team. Trustwave Managed Security Testing combines tools-based testing with the expertise of the top penetration testers in the industry to provide a range of options to fit your penetration testing needs and bring unidentified vulnerabilities to light.

Have you been the victim of a data security breach and need to investigate?

Responding to an incident quickly and in an organized manner is paramount in containing exposure, stemming losses and preserving evidence. Our forensic investigation services will determine the root cause of the breach and properly collect, handle and maintain chain-of-custody of evidence to support litigation if you choose to pursue it.

Are you looking for an in-depth security review of your application or product?

If so, you probably understand the risks inherent in going to market with an insecure product. You want to be proactive to protect not only your organization but also your customers and partners. Our range of security testing and review services make sure you’ve done your due diligence wherever you might be in the product development lifecycle.

Do you want to recognize and respond quickly to an incident to limit its repercussions?

You probably know, then, that the costs of an incident include not only lost data and potential fines but embarrassment, time and resources spent cleaning up the mess. Trustwave has been through this before – about 1,500 times – and can respond effectively and efficiently to manage the ramifications of a data compromise or train your staff to react accordingly to a security breach.

SpiderLabs experts think like and understand hackers, and apply that perspective and knowledge to Trustwave services and technologies. One result of that expertise is the annual Trustwave Global Security Report — where businesses from all over the world turn to for threat forecasts and trends, including insight gained from Trustwave engagements each year. That includes:

  • Hundreds of incident response investigations
  • Thousands of penetration tests
  • undreds of web-based data compromises
  • Billions of emails

Our Services

Regardless of the maturity of your data security initiatives and tolerance for risk, we've seen it all — from small, local businesses to global enterprises — and offer a range of services to meet you at your level of need.

Managed Security Testing

Offensive security testing, delivered on time, on budget and on demand.

  • Application and network testing
  • Flexible testing options
  • Clearly defined pricing and testing tiers
  • Delivered via TrustKeeper

Threat Intelligence and Research

Research, analysis and intelligence — delivered as a service — to detect and prevent security breaches.

  • Threat Research
  • Global Security Report
  • Advisory Feeds
  • Global Threat Database

Incident Readiness and Response

Services designed to prevent compromise and protect the integrity of data and businesses.

  • Simulated exercises
  • Forensic data acquisition and analysis
  • Malware reverse engineering
  • Containment and remediation

Vulnerability Management

Services to help you detect and evaluate vulnerabilities, fix them and produce reports.

  • Context-driven and continual scanning
  • Automated
  • IT asset change control
  • Risk assessment and prioritization


By applying our proprietary research and insight from thousands of incident response investigations, penetration tests and other security research, Trustwave provides security insight and threat intelligence that you can't get anywhere else.

Trustwave SpiderLabs Can Help You To:

Protect Against the Unknown

By conducting a simulated attack against your mobile or web applications, wired or wireless networks and office facilities, we will uncover previously unknown weaknesses so that you can eliminate vulnerabilities before an attacker can exploit them.

Transcend Point-in-Time Security

Attackers are clever, and persistent, and continuously explore new vectors and techniques. Our subscription-based testing helps you easily integrate security into your everyday business practices and maintain protection against the latest threats.

Respond to What Matters

Our incident readiness programs will prepare your staff to proactively identify the indications of a breach and contain it quickly and efficiently. Our expert forensic investigators are only a phone call away and can respond on demand to a data security compromise.

Augment Your Team

By working with us, you have unparalleled security expertise working for you, without the cost of building your own internal team. Your staff can focus on what matters most – the business – while Trustwave handles the security.

How We Work:

Some people refer to us as "ethical hackers" because we use our hacking skills for good. But make no mistake, we know the enemy and think just like them.

Our passion is investigating and unearthing exactly how your adversaries think and act. Our goal is to always keep you one step ahead. Our team of more than 100 people consists of penetration testers, incident responders, forensic investigators, malware engineers, security researchers, published authors and sought-after speakers. We span more than 10 countries and have an average of 12 years of experience.

Top Talent

We recruit and hire expert members of the information security community that speak regularly at industry events such as Black Hat and DEF CON and make pivotal contributions to the data security community.

Industry-Leading Research

In addition, our expert staff contributes to and develops community-revered tools such as those hosted at our GitHub project page or open-source initiatives such as ModSecurity, the most widely deployed Web Application Firewall (WAF) in the world; the OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set Project and the Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) Web Hacking Incident Database (WHID).

Standardized Methodologies

Unlike other providers, Trustwave can give you access to a personal information security advisor, serving as your one-on-one contact to help you better design security to keep your business safe and ensure that you have the technologies and tools you need to meet your future business goals.

Innovative Technology

Our award-winning TrustKeeper portal consolidates security testing, managed security services, vulnerability scanning and compliance management within a single cloud platform. Our managed security testing is the first subscription-based, on-demand penetration testing service on the market. We implant insights gained from our internal global threat database into our products and services making them some of the most intelligent on the market.