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Trustwave Managed Web App Firewall
Continuously monitoring your web applications

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Trustwave Managed Web App Firewall
Trustwave Managed Web App Firewall
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E-commerce sites are a top target of hackers because their web applications handle valuable credit account and identity theft information. Add to that the fact that 99 percent of the applications assessed by Trustwave SpiderLabs in 2014 included at least one serious vulnerability. With Trustwave Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) services, we will set and update protective WAF policy for you, block attacks, continuously monitor your web applications for attacks and performance, and address compliance requirements, including the PCI DSS.


Trustwave Managed WAF services are built on the intelligence of our elite SpiderLabs team, delivering the industry’s strongest protection against application vulnerabilities and emerging threats, including the OWASP Top 10.

With a unique combination of positive and negative security, dynamic virtual patching, bidirectional traffic analysis and an quick-to-install-and-configure platform, Trustwave WAF services deliver advanced, continuous protection for all your web applications. Our services include management of your Trustwave WAF product or other third-party vendor’s WAF products.

With Trustwave Managed WAF services, you can expect:

Around-the-clock support from five Security Operations Centers, staffed with experts who have in-depth knowledge and experience working with complex network environments for highly distributed environments. Save time and money while reducing your burden.

Integrated threat intelligence from SpiderLabs, the Trustwave advanced threat research team. Let this highly skilled group worry about your security so you don’t have to. Increase your uptime by preventing infections and keeping malware out.

Compliance support for any of a number of regulations and industry standards, including PCI, FFIEC/GLBA, SOX, and HIPAA and more. We have deep expertise in compliance and can help you navigate the complexity of these mandates.

Zero capital investment with long-term reduced, predictable costs.

Flexible and Extensible to address any deployment environment whether you directly operate out of your own datacenter or use hosted services. Trustwave Managed WAF capabilities can be extended to edge of your network even in the most highly distributed environments.


Trustwave managed services offer speed, customization and real-time protection for your web applications. Our offering is highly scalable and provides real-time, continuous security against attacks and data loss with the assurance that your web applications operate as intended and are compliant with regulations and industry requirements. As a managed service, Trustwave provides real-time management of threat status, alerts and performance, continuous monitoring and management of WAF sensors, regular tuning and configuration support and full integration with SIEM for advanced threat correlation.

Trustwave Managed WAF services include:

Continuous Protection With a unique combination of positive and negative security, perpetual tuning, and dynamic virtual patching, Trustwave WAF delivers continuous protection against today's ever-changing threat landscape.

Real-time Detection Bi-directional traffic analysis, automated behavioral profiling and multiple collaborative detection engines help you and your team to quickly identify abnormal behavior, improve threat blocking and prevent outbound data leaks.

Built-In Compliance Reporting Trustwave WAF leverages our expertise in risk and compliance management, with pre-built best practice controls and reports for compliance mandates, including PCI DSS.

Greater Scalability Trustwave WAF is built to scale so you can reduce the complexity and cost of securing your growing application ecosystem. The product supports an expanding application environment, whether that means higher traffic volumes or more IP addresses.

Improved Performance Application performance management identifies problems and trends at the site, URL and session levels in your web applications – all with real-time views that provide performance metrics.

Protect Distributed Web Applications Trustwave Managed WAF can protect large scale, distributed web applications. By combining Managed WAF with our Managed DDoS Protection, organizations are able to securely deliver high performance, distributed web applications to their customers.

How It Works:

Trustwave Managed Security Services

The Trustwave Managed Security Services global Security Operations Center (SOC) network enables us to offer managed services for vendor products, including from Cisco, Fortinet and Juniper Networks and others, all backed by certified expert staff. Our five SOCs provide around-the-clock support, staffed with security experts who have in-depth knowledge and experience working with complex network environments for highly distributed environments.


Download the Trustwave Managed Web Application Firewall Data Sheet (PDF).